la résistance

After the Great Fart, Earth has been divided into four
different regions. In each of them, our heroes will face unknown mutants,
meet new allies and use a special kit.

Main Characters


Leader. He is a treasure hunter from the Old World where he Lived amongst thieves and owes money to everybody. He has a heart of gold and always tries to do good.


He grew up in an arcade. Shooter's use of video games has helped him become an excellent shooter, but have made ​​him a bore with the girls.


He is the most feared gangster in the region. What nobody knows is that he really passionate about poetry and uses his muscles to preserve its culture.

vegan su

Vegan-Su is the fastest driver in La Résistance. Sheriff and Shooter are rivals for her heart, but she only seems to be interested in cars.


He is small and origianlly wanted to be a chemist but his experiments broke so often that he has ended up being the explosives specialist in The Resistance.

Dr. White

The doctor and is Vegan-Su and BP's father. Despite being a genius, he is very forgetful. He plans the missions of The Resistance, although he seems more interested in ... sing opera.


Half pig, half cyborg, Dronny is Vegan-Su's pet. But don't be fooled by his adorable appearance, this little piggy has the power to defeat giant mutants... and get on Sheriff's nerves.

all characters

Our heroes will travel across different places arround the planet Butt. They’ll
have to fight against the Mutant into each region.

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